loic faure - jongleur acrobate


My sporting career (Rugby, Athletics, Climbing ... ) and my artistic training ( Graduate School of Circus / ESAC Arts Training in Gestural Theatre and Movement / Jo-Bithume , Circus School in Bordeaux, ongoing curiosity about art in general ... ) have allowed me to develop a unique technique. It combines the fluidity of movement and theatricality of the body, and thereby allows me to surprise the audience in a fun and joyful shared madness.

I have worked as an actor and acrobat with Cie Feria Musica since January 2009 ( Infundibulum - Sinué October 2009 - March 2012 ) .


Now I work with the company Chaliwaté for the new creation “JetLag”, March 2015.


On tour, i work with my solo show, “Hom(m)” between the 23 January 2015.